You can find on this page the walking Lyon map to print and to download in PDF. The Lyon walking tour map presents the best itineraries to discover all the iconic landmarks of Lyon in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - France.

Lyon walking tour map

Map of Lyon walking tours

The Lyon walking map shows all the walking routes to visit the monuments of Lyon. This walk map of Lyon will allow you to easily plan your walking tours through the streets of Lyon in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - France. The walking map of Lyon is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Tour and taste your way around Lyon on this half-day Old Town food tour. Save hours researching where to find the best local food, and instead, have insider knowledge from your guide. Meet local producers, and learn about Lyon wonderful gastronomy scene as its mentioned in Lyon walking tour map. You wont have to worry about translation problems—your guide translates for you, as you enjoy several tastings throughout the day. Enjoy several tastings on this half-day food tour of Lyon Find out about Lyon Old Town hidden secrets from a guide Spend time outdoors, get your bearings of Lyon, and meet local producers A small-group tour limited to 12 foodies ensures a personalized experience.

Explore the secret passageways of Lyon and learn more about the city historical silk industry on a walking tour. Visit the only silk workshop in the Old Town, explore Bellecour and Hotel Dieu as you can see in Lyon walking tour map, and take a boat trip to the Confluence area. Stroll down the pedestrian paths and enter the Grand Hotel Dieu. Marvel at the beautiful courtyards and see the Dome. Next, visit the Place des Jacobins, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Follow your guide to Old Lyon and visit an old silk weaver workshop. Learn about the history of Lyon silk trade. If you like to purchase some of the authentic silk goods before continuing your journey to Lyon Traboules. Discover secret covered passageways and learn about the city hidden past.

On this guided walking tour of Vieux Lyon, you will discover this amazing neighborhood with Paul, your guide. We will explain the history and culture of Lyon, talking about a lot of things, like the Bouchon (local restaurants), the history of Silk production in Lyon, Klaus Barbie and the French resistance during the Second World War, Paul Bocuse and food culture and Renaissance in Lyon as its shown in Lyon walking tour map. We will visit many hidden passageways (the Traboules) and secret courtyards, that are sometimes hard to find on your own. For the last part of the tour we will cross over to the modern city center and visit some highlights like the Theatre des Celestins and the Hôtel Dieu.